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Best Bike Trails to Ride near Orlando, Florida

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Orlando has some of the best bike trails in Florida. There is a bike trail for everyone, whether you are looking to set a new personal best or want a lovely flat, traffic-free ride through some jaw-dropping forests and scenic routes.

The best bike trails to ride near Orlando, Florida, provide you with the prospect of letting your mind go free as all you have to worry about is the next pedal stroke while you try to take in the beautiful view. There is so much opportunity to soak in the sun, experience nature, and marvel at the wildlife while cycling on the paved Florida bike trails near Orlando. Many of the trails are suitable for all ages and make for an awesome alternative and safe day out for all the family.

Whether you are new to cycling or a seasoned cyclist, there are enough options for everyone to experience the thrill of cycling on a well-maintained and signposted bike trail in and around Orlando. That is not to say all the trails are perfect, some are still under construction, so it is a good idea to take a Smartphone, Garmin, or GPS along with you for the ride. Do not let that put you off, as it is all part of the adventure, and if you reach a section that joins a road, you can simply turn around and enjoy the scenery from the other side of the trail.

We are all super busy, so we did not want to bog down this article with a full breakdown of turn-by-turn directions for the best bike trails to ride near Orlando, Florida.

Instead, here is a brief snapshot of some of the most popular Florida bike trails for you to check out:

Click to see details of each Bike Trail Near Orlando:

Winter Garden / Clermont

Winter Park

​Kissimmee / Polk City

Citrus Springs / Dade City

East Coast / Central Florida

Final Thoughts

Although Orlando is home to over a dozen theme parks, with the most well-known not even needing a mention, there is so much more to see when you jump on a bike. Thanks to the well-maintained and thought-out Florida bike trail network, you can explore the Orange country and beyond on traffic-free paved trails that allow you to immerse yourself in everything Orlando has to offer.

With the sun beating down and a gentle tailwind showing you the way, riding these bike trails beats a ride on a roller coaster any day.

Tell us what you think the best bike trail is to ride near Orlando? And what advice can you give your fellow adventurous cyclists to help them enjoy these beautiful paved bike trails?

Check out this video and Alex will show you more about Bike Trails near Orlando

Bike Trails Map:


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