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General Van Fleet State Bike Trail

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

General Van Fleet State Bike Trail

Are you planning a visit to Orlando sometime soon?

Well, if you are and if you like to bike ride, then you have to check out the Van Fleet State Trail!

Why the Van Fleet State Bike Trail is One of the Best Bike Trails near Orlando?

One of the best features of the Van Fleet State Trail is its location. It’s just a few miles from Champions Gate, Davenport, and many of the area’s luxurious Reunion Vacation homes. Plan on visiting Disney Parks? Well, it’s only 10 miles from those too.

But despite its relatively close proximity to the best Orlando has to offer, the bike trail remains rural. In fact, it’s a great spot to check out if you want to get in touch with nature for an afternoon.

The entire 29-mile trail has a total of one curve with no hills. Why the flat geography? Well, the trail runs on a Seaboard Air Line Railroad through the Green Swamp. The swamp is the headwaters of the Ocklawaha, Hillsborough, Withlacoochee, and Peace Rivers, all of which contribute to Florida’s rich aquifer.

Cycling this bike trail gives you an up close and personal view of Florida’s lush landscape while not straying too far from the important thoroughfares of the city.

What You Should Know Before You Go

Keep in mind, this cycling trail is not for those who prefer plenty of amenities. It is a rural biking trail that has restrooms and parking lots at each of the trail heads—and that’s it.

Don’t come expecting gift shops and bike rentals, and you’ll be just fine. Bring everything you need by planning ahead. ​

Basics of the trail:

  • Asphalt Surface

  • 29.2 miles

  • Located in Polk, Sumter, and Lake Counties

How to Get on The Bike Trail

There are four trailheads for the Van Fleet State Trail.

The first is at Polk City, the second is at Green Pond, the third at Bay Lake, and the fourth is at Mabel.

Polk City Trailhead - closer to Hains City and Porlk City

Green Pond Trailhead - closer to Kissimmee, Davenport, Champions Gate and Reunion

Bay Lake Trailhead - closer to parts of Clermont and Groveland

Mabel Trailhead - closer to Clermont, Winter Garden, Groveland, Center Hill and Webster

Each of the trailheads is separated by about 9-10 miles as well, so you don’t have to do the full 29 miles if you need to cut out earlier.

Explore this relatively easy, but long, bike trail the next time you visit Orlando, and for bike rentals don’t forget to check The Ride Xperience during your stay!


Lets experiance the General Van Fleet Bike Trail with Alex


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