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The West Orange Trail - Bike Trails near Orlando

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

West Orange Trail, Winter Garden

Central Florida, is known for its tourism, high-tech industries, theme parks, and outdoor sports. One thing which is incredible about Central Florida is its cycling, and I believe it’s one of the best places in the USA for riding your bike.

Bike Trail near Orlando

The West Orange Trail is excellent, and in this article, we want to tell you all about it.

It’s part of the Florida Coast to Coast Trail, and it starts at Killarney Station and ends at Welsh Road Apopka. In length, it is 22 miles, and it can be ridden on any bicycle, but we feel it is best suited to road and hybrid bikes. You will share this route with many other cyclists, inline skaters, dog walkers, but the super wide trail gives everyone plenty of space.

You’re going to ride by the side of the beautiful Lake Apopka, the scenery is fantastic, and in parts, it just glistens to the side of you. The trail tells a story of the region's growth as you pass through places such as Oakland, where you will see a charming town draped in Spanish moss, and if you look closely, you will see the remaining buildings from the 1950s.

It's not all classic. On the way from Oakland to the Tildenville Outpost, you will see lots of new developments and see how the area is modernizing itself as it grows. The Highlight of this trail for me has to be the Historic Downtown Winter Garden. Its an excellent example of how adding a cycling infrastructure can completely change a place and create something extraordinary. There you will find restaurants, places to refuel and even a bike shop.

Plant Street Market, Winter Garden

If you are not in a rush, Historic Downtown Winter Garden has a small but excellent history museum, and if you go on a Saturday, the farmers market is incredible and runs from 9am - 2pm. My favorite part is the clock tower and the pavilion. It's an excellent place for relaxing and a coffee in one of the local cafes. If you have brought the kids along, they will love the splash

park. The trail continues into the suburban neighborhoods to the Ingram Outpost finishes up towards the Apopka Station, where you will need to start to return. There are many places of interest on the route that will include Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, so if you’re planning on a holiday in the region, there’s plenty to do.

The Trailheads and parking are at Killarney Station, Oakland Nature Preserve, Oakland Outpost, Tildenville Outpost, Winter Garden Station, Chapin Station, Ingram Outpost, Apopka-Vineland Outpost, McCormick Outpost, Clarcona Horseman's Park, Apopka Station. You also have bathroom stops every few miles, and you are never far from food or water.

If you are looking for a beautiful trail full of incredible sights, the West Orange Trail is ideal. It’s perfect for a relaxing ride with plenty to see and always places to stop and just take in the beauty of Orange County.

Checkout some routes and a video where I share more about the West Orange Trail:

bike trail from Winter Garden to Clermont

Bike Trail route - West Orange Trail

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