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The Cross Seminole Trail

Central Florida, is known for many things, such as miles on sandy beaches, fantastic surfing, and insane amusement parks. Not many people know about its incredible cycling seen and trails though. In this article, we’re going to be speaking about the Cross Seminole Trail and tell you why it should be high up on your list of bike rides.

The Cross Seminole Trail was one of the first rail trails to hit the area, and it set a high standard. You're going to get 28 miles of cycling and be able to take in some incredible scenery. You get a mix of everything with this trail, which is why we like it so much. The official start is the Orange County Line at Howell Branch Road but, we found the best place to start was Baldwin Park and follow the Cady Way Trail until it connects to the Cross Seminole Trail. It adds a few miles but it adds so much value to the ride.

After you get to the start, the first place you will be passing through is Oviedo. Oviedo retains a rural feel, and it's not rare to see chickens while walking downtown, just minding their own business on the streets. You will have a few traffic light crossings on the official route, but shortly after that, you're coming into the beautiful Big Tree Park, Longwood. It’s lovely there, and when you pass over Howell Creek, you will see why it’s such a highly rated place in the area. Next on the route, you pass through Winter Springs, and you are going to be going past the school and local dog park but eventually hitting a fishing pier. This is an excellent place to stop and take in some of Lake Jesup's gorgeous surroundings and views.

The trail continues, and you’re now going to be passing through Spring Hammock Preserve.

The trail only passes through, but many people who ride this trail on off-road capable bikes tend to go into some of the tracks of the Spring Hammock Preserve. They are not too challenging, and a light gravel bike or hybrid bike would be my choice. It is a great place to cycle through and feels so peaceful and tranquil despite actually being next to a fairly busy area.

Now for my highlight, the big tree park. You can probably already guess it has some pretty

large trees here. The park is known for its Cypress trees and some as old as 2000 years. The oldest was 3500 years but unfortunately burnt down, but a beautiful memorial called the Phoenix is in its place. The ride continues to Greenwood Lakes park, and then you have a final push to the Lake Monroe Wayside Park, which has beautiful views of the Lake Monroe Bridge. You also finish at the Florida Central Zoo and Botanical Gardens. If you have time to visit, it is just amazing.

The bike best suited to this ride is a road or hybrid bike unless you plan to go off road at the Spring Hammock Preserve. We recommend sunscreen as some places are not shaded and take plenty of food and water. You have toilet facilities at most of these places, but typically every 3-5 miles you have a rest stop.

Your trailheads and parking are at Oviedo Aquatic Center, Solary Park, Black Hammock Trailhead, Winter Springs Town Center, Central Winds Park, Soldiers Creek Park, Big Tree Park, Greenwood Lakes Park, Lake Mary Trailhead, and Lake Monroe Wayside Park.

Here is a video of our experience on the Cross Seminole Trail

And here is the route from Lake Baldwin onto Cady Trail and than to the Cross Seminole Trail

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