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Exploring Florida’s Bike Trails and Riding part of the Coast to Coast Connector (C2C)

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Florida has hundreds of miles of bike trails to ride and explore with your bike. One of the routes I really wanted to ride was the east part of the Coast to Coast Connector. Do you know what the Coast to Coast Connector is?

Coast to Coast Connector (C2C)

The Coast to Coast Connector, or C2C, is an audacious project by the Florida State. You can cross the state riding on paved bike trails from the Atlantic coast all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. A total of 250 miles of bike trails and bicycle lanes connecting Titusville (east coast) to St. Petersburg (west coast). This is an awesome cycling experience that many cyclists will be thrilled to ride. At the time of this post, there are still some gaps to be completed. The largest gap is the South Sumter Connector located in Sumter County.

Coast to Coast bike trail in Florida

The C2C project started in 2014. There were already many existing bike trails across the state and what Florida started doing was investing in additional trails. They did this to close the small gaps in-between each trail forming a huge interconnected bike trail.

The Ride Experience

We began our ride early at Perish Park in Titus Ville. The route was pretty easy to follow, but I would definitely recommend using a Garmin or any other GPS. Even though it was simple, some turns weren’t obvious. Soon we were on the first trail, the E Central Regional Rail Trail. We stayed on this trail for over 30 miles and went through some really nice swamps, forests, Maytown, Osteen, and Deltona. At Deltona we hopped on the Spring to Spring Trail which was really neat. Although, as we started riding south to Orlando, it had more bike city lanes with a lot of stop signs. That with the heat was kind of annoying, but nothing horrible.

Cyclists riding on the bike trail

Things were interesting again when we got to Altamonte Springs where we road on the Seminole Wekiva Trail. Actually, I thought of it as one of the nicest trails and because it was a Saturday, there were many people enjoying their walk and bikes. Near Apopka things became familiar and we new we were close to home, Winter Garden and Clermont. For sure, Winter Garden and Clermont will become the perfect overnight stop for those doing the whole Coast to Coast experience.

This was a total of 76 miles and I can say it was lots of fun. I believe that every average cyclist will be able to experience this route. Below is a video of this ride. Hope you enjoy it and some day enjoy this experience yourself!

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Gilberto Drefahl
Gilberto Drefahl
21 apr 2021

Super legal, gostaria muito de ter essa experiência

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