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As a VeloGuide Helping a Cyclist Complete his Bucket List (Ride 63 miles in every State)

One of the things that I love is being a cycling guide. Not only do I enjoy riding my bike, but its really interesting to meet other cyclists from all over the world and give attention to their stories. I get to spend 3 to 4 hours with each guest. It's amazing to hear their cycling adventures and the fantastic places they had the opportunity to travel to. I also have a great time listening about unique cycling trips or races that they're preparing for. In fact, the reason many reach out to me is that they are training for some event. Not wanting to lose their fitness, they try to squeeze a ride or two in the middle of their vacation.

I had the opportunity to ride with Jimmy, a very cool dude from New Jersey. He had many stories, but there was one that caught my attention. Actually, he booked a ride with me to help him with his bucket list. Ever since he turned 50, his objective is to do a metric century ride in all of the 50 states in America. Now that's a goal! It does sound fun but also challenging at the same time. He has already completed 14 states and I had the privilege to help him check Florida off his list! Go and check out more about Jimmy's story on the video below:


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