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Riding a Bike in the Charming Town of Celebration - A Town Built by Disney

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Bike rentals to ride in Celebration

Disney World is every child’s fantasy. But even adults have to admit they would love to live in a world that makes them feel like that amusement park. What you might not know is that Disney did create a community to do precisely that. The name of the community was Celebration. It also happens to be a great place for riding a bicycle with your friends and family. Here’s what you need to know.

What The Town Is Like

Disney founded the community of Celebration right next door to the Walt Disney World Resort in Osceola County, Florida. After founding Celebration, Disney divested his control to the town itself. Of course, several Disney owned businesses popped up giving the town jobs and economic growth. Celebration was designed to be a planned community and it features a series of neighborhoods, a town center, lakeside shops and dining opportunities, and all of which is totally bikeable. ​

Disney World has a town called Celebration

Trails Available

To check out the trails in this charming city, grab some bike rentals and start exploring. There are several bike paths throughout the city. One path, in particular, follows Celebration Blvd. At the western edge of the path near Celebration High School, it juts off into a beautiful conservation area where you’ll notice a series of boardwalks that are easy to access. You can also spot wildlife here and there in the area such as turkeys, deer, birds, and even otters! The 1 mile boardwalk pathway through the conservation area is a must visit when you visit Celebration City. Other must visit trails for riding your bicycle include the Baldwin Park and Lake Nona areas, both of which are bike and pedestrian friendly.

Bike tour in Celebration

What To Expect Along The way

Whether you bring your own bike or opt for bike rentals, you can expect to see some natural and man-made beauty along your ride. Nearby sites to see also include the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Disney Springs, Blizzard Beach and so much more.

Explore this charming town for fun in the sun in Florida!

Celebration bike trail

Book a bike tour for Celebration

Book a bike tour

Disney World, Where to Ride you Road Bike?


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