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Thrilling Cycling Experiences at Clermont

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Commonly known as the “Choice of Champions,” Clermont has fast risen to fame courtesy of the number of elite athletes who use it as their training ground. Clermont has an impressive combination of rolling hills, pristine lakes and favorable climate which make it the ideal spot for training like a champion. In addition, this location attracts numerous tourists and athletes alike who prefer training in such favorable conditions that bring out the champions spirit in them.

Apart from the favorable training conditions, Clermont is close to the amazing towns of Winter Garden and Mount Dora on the other side. Moreover, you will also find the Green Mountain Scenic Byway that enables travelers to enjoy unique small town experiences coupled with amazing recreational chances.

The scenic byway along Mount Dora has gained international reputation especially among cyclists who range from amateurs and elite cyclists. And being the most popular cycling route in Florida, the scenic byway hosts various high profile triathlon and cycling events every year.

Recreation at Clermont

Mount Dora is home to countless recreational opportunities, which have made it a popular choice for festivals, food, and shopping. In addition, the West Orange Trail, which is the most popular multiuse trail in Central Florida runs down at the center of the byway and through Winter Garden. This amazing view gives credence to the fact that Florida Scenic Highways are known as “byways.” The scenic byway designations consist of one or more of the six key intrinsic qualities namely Historic, Archaeological, Scenic, Cultural, Natural, and Recreation sites

Life at Clermont

Clermont, Lake Minneola

The choice of champions is the perfect place for anyone looking to enjoy an amazing holiday experience without having to worry about their financial muscle. The diversity in this destination means that anybody can visit this byway and create memories. Besides, the amenities here are competitively priced which allows visitors to find something that suits their budgets. Moreover, the people here are friendly thus you are assured of utmost security.

Whenever you decide to visit Orlando, you are assured of being spoilt for choice on where to enjoy cycling. However, Clermont stand’s out as it provides unique vivacity that enhances your holiday and cycling experience. Therefore, if you are looking for the perfect destination to hone your cycling skills, be sure to consider visiting the choice of champions. You certainly will leave this place feeling like a champion!

Routes in Clermont

A great place to start your ride in Clermont is at a nice bike shop, Epic Cycles. There you can have a coffee to jump start your ride. There are many possible routes you can do, but we have selected one that will include some hills including Sugar Loaf Mount.

Bike map Clermont

You don't necessarly have to start your ride in Clermont to ride there. Winter Garden is 30 min from Orlando and the West Orang Trail that goes right through town will take you to Clermont. Here are few route options:


Winter Garden bike map

Link route

Want another route? We can create one for you.


Share your thoughts if you have experienced this hotel or ridden these routes.


The place to ride a bike in Central Florida


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