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Cycling around Disney World (Tour De Pineapple)

Cycling around Disney World Florida

One of the privileges about living in Central Florida is living just a few miles from the happiest places on earth, Disney World! You don't actually have to enter a theme park to experience the fantasy. The huge Disney property is something very unique to explore.

My friend, Marc, is a former Disney employee, having a lot of knowledge and secrets to share. So he took us for a Saturday ride around the parks and through the resorts.

Bike tour Disney World Florida

We called this ride the Tour De Pineapple, due to the famous mid-stop treat at the Polynesian Resort, the Duo Pineapple float. Yummy...

As always we began our ride in downtown Winter Garden. We road our bikes through a few gorgeous neighborhoods and in Windermere where you are impressed with the houses along the way.

We first road through the back side of the Magic Kingdom where cast members park their cars and where all the costumes are stored. Then we went through Disney's Old Key West Resort were Marc showed us the canals where he used to drive his boat. He also showed us some amazing spots close to Disney Springs.

Disney's Fort Wilderness bike rentals

Personally, one of the nicest parts of all this cycling adventure was to ride through the 750 acres at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort. I love the idea of camping and exploring the Wilderness. Even seeing some deers, rabbits, ducks, and armadillos makes the experience even more special.

Midway into the ride we stoped at Disney's Polynesian Resort for the famous Duo Pineapple Float. Guys, you have to try it out the next time you come to Florida!

Concluding our ride, we road through some Golf corses and back to Winter Garden. I can say that this is a ride I will definitely do again, especially with our awesome guide Marc.

That's it for this blog. Checkout the video below for the full story of this ride.

See you very soon!


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