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Champions Gate

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Champions Gate, FL 33896 | Website

Bike friendly hotel


About 10 miles from Walt Disney Resort, you will find one of Orlando's unique places to stay on your Florida vacation. Champions Gate is a 1,500-acre development and breathtaking Golf Resort, with a 36-hole course designed by the golf champion, Greg Norman. If you're staying at the Resort or Villas, you are not far from the Van Fleet bike trail, a 29-mile-long paved trail in a rural area with lots of wildlife. You can cruise along and enjoy nature, the swamps, and even spot some Alligators. For those who want a good workout, it’s a perfect route for a steady tempo ride, there are no hills or sharp turns. Below is a route starting from Champions Gate Resort to the Van Fleet Trail and back (for experienced road bike riders). If you want to start your ride at the trail instead, you can park your car at the Van Fleet Polk City Trailhead.

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